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Top 5 Reasons US Bookmakers are Turning To Price Per Head

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Price Per Head Top 5 ReasonsWord is spreading across the United States like wild fire about a new service that is now available to bookies and bookmakers. The shadowy world of bookies has long been the stuff of urban myths and Hollywood movies, however, a movement is growing that is shedding some light on this fringe business.

It’s called Pay Per Head or Price Per Head and sometimes just Per Head, but it all amounts to the same thing, a legal outsourcing service for bookmakers across the U.S. and around the world. Although it is a new concept to many it is an industry that has actually been around for decades and is becoming increasingly popular for many reasons. Let’s take a look at the top 5 reasons why bookies are turning to PPH.

  1. Legalities: Even if bookmaking or running a sportsbook is illegal where you want to operate the PPH offices give you and your players a legal outlet for the actual placing and “booking” of all wagers. Price Per Head companies operate under the jurisdiction of the country they do business in. Thanks to the internet and high tech phone systems it means that you can access betting lines and place bets from anywhere in the world without worrying about your call center getting shut down.
  2. Professional Service: The people who work in the Pay Per Head offices are professionals with years of experience in the offshore gambling industry. It’s almost as if your players were calling Caesar’s Palace to place their wagers.
  3. Reporting Software: All Per Head agencies will provide their agents with some kind of reporting software to track wagers and player activity, balances, winnings and losses. Programs that would normally cost an individual bookie thousands of dollars every month to run on their own are provided as part of the low weekly service fee.
  4. Casino Software: Most PPH shops will also be able to provide bookie agents and their players with first rate online casino access that often includes poker platforms and all access horse racing. The games provide a satisfying gambling experience for the players and can greatly increase the earning potential of the bookmaker.
  5. Risk Management: The days of being able to take your lines from the local paper and give them out to players are long gone. Today’s player is a lot more sophisticated and has access to much more detailed information than ever before. For this reason alone, bookies are getting favorable results and profits by letting professional line managers handle their odds and watching the moves.

With so many services now available from offices which are primarily located in Costa Rica, the modern bookie can take advantage of a solid support system that is tailored to their needs.

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