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Today’s successful bookmaker wants to offer maximum sports book betting opportunities for this clients to wager on presented on an attractive, easy to use format.  Now, with the simple touch of a few buttons, a player can place his wagers on his mobile device from anywhere he happens to be at anytime of the day or night.

Some of the best and brightest minds in the software industry today are working on wagering software.  The tools that a modern bookmaker has available these days bear little resemblance to the guy hanging on the pay phone on the back wall of a sports bar with a roll of quarters in one hand and his little black book in the other.

Thanks to the advent of modern wagering software utilizing cutting edge technology, today’s ‘local guy’ is now able to offer to his clients any of the varied wagering options being offered by the major sports books, including worldwide sports action as well as attractive, and profitable, casino and selected race book action …available on their mobile devices any where there is WiFi, around the clock.

The wagering software presented to your players must be up to date, attractive, easy to use and of the very finest quality if you want to keep your best clients coming back for more. After all, what your players see and hear from your PPH Service represents you and how you handle your business. Would you rather pick up your clients at the airport in a Kia or in a Mercedes?  It’s up to you.

In fact, the quickest way to kill a good bookie business these days is to offer your clients a second-rate service to wager with.  Remember that the pay per head service that you contract to host your players is actually representing you.  Of course you want the best presentation available when your business is at stake. You will find the best service available anywhere at HostPPH.com.

Never mind that a first class PPH service like HOST costs a little bit more than the cheapo shops.  You will end up increasing your hold percentage at the end of the month anyway, plus have many fewer hassles to deal with.  Beware of some slick sales person offering you super service at an incredibly low price.

Don’t even consider contracting with a PPH service that also runs a sportsbook.

The modern online betting services from Host PPH presents to your clients an easy to understand, user friendly software that gets them onto the wagering interfaces quickly and allows them to place their wagers with a minimum of time and effort; 24/7/365.

On the other hand, you as an agent can utilize your mobile device to manipulate the parameters under which your players wager.  Need to change one player’s limits?  Just tap it in and it’s done. Should you want to block one of your players from the Casino, or change his daily win/loss limits, once again, this can be done in moments, no matter where the modern bookmaker finds himself at the time.  That’s how much modern software can do for you.

The reporting bookie software page will provide you the bookie with all of your record keeping information in real time and eliminate the need to carry around that incriminating ‘little black book’ anymore.

Today’s software for betting has now evolved to fill the needs of bookmakers of all sizes and requirements.  For almost 20 years now Host Pay Per Head services has been in operation working exclusively with professional bookmakers like you.

Wagering software providers have continually upgraded their products through both constant research, and also by listening to bookmakers across the country and then fine tuning their sports betting software products to their clients’ needs and wishes.  Host PPH was designed for and by professional bookmakers after years of experience in the business.

Make the call today toll free to 866 601 4678, join the professionals and become a HOST PPH Agent; then let go of all that work and worry.

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