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Betting On Baseball Is Good For Bookies

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Major League BaseballWe all know that baseball does not get the major attention of the faster-paced sports such as football or basketball.  After all, it isn’t called “America’s Pastoral Sport” for nothing.  Baseball is relaxed, slow going and sometimes even a little boring to watch until the action starts.  At any point in the game, a team can have a great inning and put up impressive numbers on the board in a hurry.

That’s the thing about baseball; you never know when the action is going to explode into an exciting contest.

The best thing about baseball betting is that is goes on when there is not a lot of other sports action happening to give it competition.  Your players are able to wager on baseball throughout a long 6 month season with the action culminating in the divisional playoffs and eventually to the World Series.

The smart bookie will take advantage and keep his players interested all year round in order to boost his or her hold percentage during what is popularly known as the “off season”.

The biggest difference in betting on a baseball game as opposed to football or basketball is that your players are required to wager on the money line, or ML, as opposed to playing teams against the spread or ATS.  Players are simply picking the winner and the price paid is adjusted depending upon which team is the favorite or the underdog.

Beginning bettors are prone to playing the big favorites…which can be bad for the player… but, good for the bookie.  They may also take the opposite approach and continually try to land the big dogs…with similar results.

Remember the age old baseball handicapping theories that tell us that even if a baseball team has a great season and wins over 100 games, they are still going to lose around 60 games during the season.  That’s about 38% of their games lost… even though the team wins the division.

So, that doesn’t mean that the player should go ahead and fade the best teams each time the play, but it does indicate that there is not really very good value in always wagering on the favorites. Also keep in mind that these top teams can still produce long winning streaks that are impossible to predict.

Properly managed, the baseball season can be a profitable time of the year for bookmakers all across the country.

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