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To be a successful local bookmaker these days it becomes necessary to walk a fine line between being that trustworthy, well known local guy, and staying below the radar of those who might want to interrupt the action.

Of course, in the bookie business, one cannot be completely anonymous. However, there are ways to fly under the radar and insulate you somewhat from trouble.  In most cases, if the bookmaker shows a certain amount of discretion, a good low profile can be achieved and maintained for years to come.

Back sometime during your first week as a bookie the older guys probably told you “don’t ever use your real name.”  That was good advice then and it holds true still today.  Come up with a good “handle” and stick with it.

These days it is possible to trace almost any electronic signal and those other guys have all the toys. The savvy bookie might want to consider using one of those handy throw away phones and changing them often.

Next, contract a good Price Per Head Service Company like HostPPH.com that has been in the business for many years to put your business up live on the internet and provide access to wagering round-the-clock for your players using their mobile devices to wager on line or by phoning into their call center and speaking directly to a wagering clerk.

One big advantage in using an offshore service is that all those calls that used to drive you crazy will now be going to the PPH service call center down in Costa Rica where wagering on sports is legal and licensed.

The good news there is that those calls are not coming into your back room anymore.  Same deal with the Internet, it happens on their servers, not on yours.  That right there kicks you back another step from future problems.

Once you have established a user name, or handle, and a password that is all the personal information the service will need from you except for a phone number and an email address which a lot of bookies set up just for that purpose.

The same goes for your players.  No one ever need know their names. Give them a letter-number login, let them choose a password and start wagering.  You are the only person who will ever know who they are.

Speak with the agent services people at Host PPH.com today and ask them what a quality Pay Per Head service can do for you.

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