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2012 NBA Championship Betting Odds

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2012 NBA Championship Betting OddsIf you’re involved in the basketball betting world, then you should know that most of the major pay per head sportsbook services have their odds up for which teams are going to be a part of the 2012 NBA Championship. Despite the fact that they experienced a major post season meltdown in last year’s final, the Miami Heat are a huge favorite to win it all. The Chicago Bulls, the San Antonio Spurs, the Oklahoma City Thunder, and the LA Lakers are likely contenders as well. These are all big names to remember as your players prepare to place their bets.

This season, you’ll also find some surprises among the prospective 2012 NBA Championship winners. Some of these never-would-have-guessed-it teams are the Memphis Grizzlies, the New York Knicks, and the LA Clippers. The New York Knicks have been surprising many NBA pundits sparked by the inspired play of Jeremy Lin. Unfortunately his huge following will not see much of his last minute heroics due to season ending knee surgery. Even so the whole team is playing better than ever, whereas before the Knicks used to be low on the betting odds list offered by most major sportsbook services, now they are front and center.

The recent success of the Memphis Grizzlies is an even bigger surprise, since this team has been in something of a dry spell for the past five years. Last year’s addition of players Marc Gasol and Hamed Haddadi are what many people are thinking did the trick. No matter what or who may be to thank for this surprising turn of events, this team actually has a real shot at the 2012 NBA Championship. The same is true for the LA Clippers, who recently added Kenyon Martin, which is proving to be a smart and long overdue choice.

Even though there is still some time left until the 2012 NBA Championship actually takes place, it is never too late to start thinking about betting odds, or to get your players thinking about betting odds!  In fact, as long as you have a good service on your side, you can even start taking bets right now. Most reputable services in the industry are equipped to deal with futures bets, which are sure to keep gamblers interested throughout the entire post season.

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