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Digital Wager Recording is a Must for Serious Bookies

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Digital Wager RecordingThe best pay per player services in the industry keep a tight watch on what your players are doing. They will not only keep track of all wagers made by each player, but they will also record all sites and pages visited while the player is logged in, balances and winnings and so much more. This tracking method is known as digital wager recording and it is an absolute necessity for any serious bookie. If your PPH service isn’t using digital recording, then you need to find another service to book your action.

Many bookies, unfortunately, simply don’t realize the importance of digital wager recording. One of the main reasons that this type of recording is so vital is because it serves as proof of a player’s actions. It is not at all uncommon for less than honest players to regret bets they have placed and to try and wiggle out of them by saying they never placed them in the first place. With digital wager recording, there is no question! Bookies can easily take out the appropriate report, show it to the unscrupulous player, and end the dispute right then and there. This doesn’t work for just online bets either; bets placed over the phone are also recorded. The reports allow bookies to notice players who are trying to pick off the lines as well, so that they can put a stop to this right away.

Really, there is no better business management tool than these reports. Bookies can use them to make easy decisions about which players need to stay and which players need to go. Regularly cleaning out one’s player list to get rid of sharp bettors who are costing a bookie money is the real key to success in this business. Over time, bookies can end up with a great list of players who are fairly consistent losers and who raise the bookie’s hold percentage, instead of tearing it down.

Just think of it—all of the information on your player’s and their actions that you could ever need, all stored securely on a private database. What could be better than that? Well, how about the fact that this vital information won’t be taking up space on your own computer. Instead, it is on the server of the PPH agency. That’s just one of many little bonuses to using a service with digital wager recording capabilities in place.

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